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Kickstarter campaign for American Winter a success!

We wanted to say THANK YOU to our 963 Kickstarter backers for helping us reach our "American Winter" crowdfunding goal!  We successfully raised $29,520 on Kickstarter in 30 days.  It was exciting and encouraging to see the interest and support for this film after two years of working to get it to this phase.  With these funds, we are able to begin the post-production sound work on the film in a few weeks, and our composers are plugging away to create the music for the film.  After that we will tackle color correction and do all the rest of the fine-tuning and technical finessing of the film to get it ready for release.  We hope the film will be able to premiere at a major film festival and roll out to the public soon after.  So, THANKS AGAIN!  

Here's an article that came out after the new poverty numbers were released a few weeks ago, and it really zeroes in on the issues underlying AMERICAN WINTER:

It says, "We need to stop looking at poverty as a separate phenomenon from the rest of the economy—an economy with a proliferation of low-wage jobs and a weak and inequitable recovery; and we especially need to stop viewing those who live in poverty as suffering from some sort of character flaw, as opposed to paying the heaviest price for our skewed priorities and choices"

Hopefully, AMERICAN WINTER can play a part in humanizing these issues and can help our country come together to give families a chance at a decent life and an opportunity to strive for the American Dream.  That's the goal we are working towards.

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